Sell your FedEx Routes for just $2,000. Zero FedEx Route Broker fees !!

$2,000 Flat Fee - Zero FedEx Route Broker Fees

MyGround® Sales is revolutionizing FedEx Routes for Sale & Linehaul Sales.  No more Broker Fees of 10% of the Sales Price

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 MyGround®  Sales specializes in supporting the sale of FedEx Ground Routes and  Linehaul Runs in today's world where high FedEx Route Broker sales commissions should be a thing of the past and low flat fees are the future.  We are revolutionizing the FedEx Ground Route and Linehaul Run sale industry just like Redfin, Zillow, and other Limited Service Brokers have in the Real Estate industry.  

We  hold one of the best and most elite reputations in the industry.  If  you are looking for sales support of your FedEx Ground Routes or  Linehaul Runs for just a flat fee of $2,000 rather than tens of  thousands of dollars in commissions contact MyGround® Sales today to  list your FedEx Ground Routes or Linehaul Runs.

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