How to Be a FedEx Contractor

Ready to Become a FedEx Ground Contractor?

One of the most asked questions is how to become a FedEx Ground Contractor  and operate FedEx Routes or Linehaul Runs. While MyGround® Sales isn't FedEx Ground nor an affiliate, we do know the two ways to become a  contractor and have some excellent resources in this post. 

At the simplest level, there are two types of FedEx Ground contractors and  there are two main ways to become a FedEx on to find  out more.

Two Types of FedEx Ground Contractors

  1. Pickup and Delivery (P&D):  The contractor uses step vans,  vans, box trucks, and other types of vehicles to both pick up and  deliver FedEx Ground packages to both business and residential customers. There is minimum scale and service area requirements, i.e. no  single truck owner/operators.
  2. Linehaul (Semi Tractor Operations): The contractor pulls FedEx  Ground owned trailers using road tractors through FedEx Ground's network  of stations and hubs

Two Primary Ways to Become a FedEx Ground Contractor

  1. Buy Routes from an Existing Contractor: The purchase of FedEx  Routes or FedEx Linehaul Runs from an existing contractor. There are  many brokers, sellers of FedEx Routes, and firms like MyGround® Sales that work in route sales and FedEx Ground must ultimately approve the transfer.  If dependent on financing it is advisable to lineup financing before shopping. MyGround® Sales can help you get pre-qualified by contacting us here and completing the contact form.
  2. Get "For Free" Directly from FedEx Ground: FedEx Ground regularly posts contracting opportunities on its site called BuildAGroundBiz.  These opportunities are for current contractors as well as firms wishing to be a FedEx  contractor. You will have costs related to incorporation fees (only  corporations can contract with FedEx Ground) and other start-up costs.  You may also have  professional service fees if you choose to use professional assistance with the RFI process.

How Can You Get Help to Become a FedEx Contractor 

1. If you are considering Buying Routes from an Existing Contractor you may wish to consider MyGround® Support's Educate the Buyer Session. Many recommend it as a "must consult" to others after experiencing.  They also offer many other Buyer Related Consulting Services.  MyGround® Sales can help you get pre-qualified for a route purchase by contacting us here and completing the contact form.

2. If you are considering the pursuit of a "Free Route Opportunity" posted on BuildAGroundBiz the firm MyGround® Support also offers a number of services to help you along the way including:

  • Incorporation Filing to be a FedEx Ground Contractor: FedEx  Ground only contracts with corporations. To apply for a route  opportunity you'll have to apply as a corporation. As part of the application process FedEx Ground will provide you a Business Intent Form  which will ask questions about your corporation.  MyGround Support® can facilitate your corporation filing through their incorporation facilitation service
  • Request for Information Response (RFI): As part of the application process FedEx Ground will provide you a Request for Information form that must be completed. MyGround Support® can help with your RFI through their RFI authoring support

If you are looking for ad-hoc consulting services related to FedEx Routes, the firm called MyGround® Support offers a Consult via Clarity Call  that could be very useful.

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