Amazon & FedEx Route Sales Without Excessive Fees - Just 8%

Why choose MyGround® Sales?

In today's world just about anyone can claim to be an Amazon or FedEx Route Broker.  Some charge much lower than average fees, some flat fees, and some even charge a fee based on the ultimate sales price vs a floor price. The issue with many of these Route Brokers is they aren't very successful.  Many are only successful in selling 0-10% of the routes they list - literally just putting your routes on low success business for sale websites.  Meanwhile you could be in an exclusive agreement with them for a year which means your routes only have a 10% chance of selling.

If you want results and a fair fee to help sell your Amazon Routes, FedEx Ground Routes, or Linehaul Runs and the following, we suggest you choose MyGround® Sales:

  • Competitive Finder's Fee of Just 8%. When, not if, a buyer purchases your routes or runs, our fee is a percentage of the final purchase price and one of the most competitive.
  • Confidentiality. We initially correspond with the potential buyer inquiries to help keep you confidential. In addition, you don't have time to waste on what could be a large amount of  tire kickers and non-qualified buyers wasting your time. 
  • Experience.  MyGround® Sales staff consists of former route contractors.  Our staff are involved in dozens of routes sale transactions every year.
  • Buyer Pool/Listing.  We use technology to our advantage to reach out to hundreds of potential buyers.  We have a proprietary list of potential buyers that no one else in the route sales industry has. We also list your routes on national business for sale websites.  
  • Niche Parcel Focus:  We only support the sale of Amazon Routes, FedEx Ground P&D Routes, and FedEx Linehaul Runs.  We aren't trying to sell bread, snack, and numerous other routes.  

Please note for Amazon Routes we only support the sale of LSPs and DSPs on "version 2.0".

MyGround® Sales

Elite Expertise

  • Our staff are former contractors.  We know the business inside out.
  • Our staff have been involved in dozens of route sale transactions per year.


  • We do what we know best and are experienced in - Amazon & FedEx Route Sales.

Results & Success

  • Our sales success is 4-5 times higher than the national average.  We work with a list of potential buyers no one else has.

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Professional Prospectus

MyGround® Sales utilizes a professional prospectus.  The prospectus is designed to give the potential buyer as much information about your sale as possible.  The use of a prospectus provides the Potential Buyer much of the data they desire at the onset.  It is professional looking and professionally assembled.   Ask us for a sample prospectus and compare it to others.